Are you ready for Nolan Evergreen?
We’re feeling productive at redRAGE Comics. Yes. We’re treating writer’s block like the ave[rage] gamer treats pedestrians in GTAV. Thus, we’re proud to introduce character sketches for a new comic that’s going into art and story production tomorrow morning! Above are Dr. Canine, Nolan Evergreen, Freeda Violetto, and Dr. Acula, all characters who feature in a post apocalyptic steampunk world rife with danger, monsters, madness, tikka masala bombs, chupacabras, psychedelic witches, tech[no] vikings, [no]tech vixens, oil buckets of soap-zombies, El Handsome, good guys with vendettas, better guys with secrets, and bad guys with hearts and fists of stoneFURY wielding semi-automatic sniper shotguns from the relative safety of their nuclear Lead Zeppelins! Follow Evergreen, the story’s protagonist, as he rides out to right a wrong so awful that no description does it justice. Born from Dr. Frankenstein’s Friendly Freakology Center, the leaking toxic waste dump infecting and informing Evergreen’s Wild West nightmare world, Evergreen fights to overcome the stigma of being both an unDEAD Duster and a bounty hunter in a society where justice is reduced to the lusts of the powerful and the long arm of Mr. Law, a mysterious and devious villain with a sinGLEmindEd de[terminate]ion to kill Dr. Frankenstein. Will Evergreen survive? Uh… Let’s try that again… Will Evergreen bring justice where no one else dares seek absolution. Find out in the pages of Evergreen: Gun-Slung Drifter!
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