I draw small well. I do not draw large well, and translating small to large is damn near impossible for me, or at the very least extremely frustrating and a grossly inefficient use of my current skills. I like to push myself and try things, but, sometimes, it's good to know your limits. I got this brilliant idea recently, while struggling to translate my Anapana Sketch to large format acrylic: use a projector to trace my small sketches to bigger canvases. Seems I am super late to that party. I thought I was being all clever, searching for pico projectors and thinking about how to best repurpose them to my needs. Apparently people have been doing this forever to translate art. Soon, I shall have this projector as part of my arsenal of creation tools, and it is entirely due to the support of my patrons that this was possible. I cannot WAIT to show you guys what I'm planning to do with it. Thank you. Take care of you, -nee
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