Asheville Blade Rundown #4 - Breaking barriers
We did it. With the help of our readers old and new we broke past our second major funding goal last week, and we did so a month to the day after our funding drive launched. That means that tomorrow, July 22, I'm returning to City Hall to cover Asheville City Council. Our readers will get an in-depth news report, and you'll once again have live Twitter coverage on the #avlgov hashtag. We have some other great things ahead for you this week as well, including a major news piece that I'm laboring over right now. And we have some great pieces at the Asheville Blade at the moment too... A city worth fighting for: one month at the Asheville Blade As I mentioned above, we hit our second major funding goal at the end of a great, busy month. Here, I reflect a bit on what's happened in that time, why the Blade relies on our readers for funding, and some of the amazing things that make Asheville a city worth fighting for - Before and after: photos highlight artists' plight in RAD Recently, artists were kicked out of their studios in the River Arts District after city inspectors found code violations and the landlord refused to repair the buildings. In the middle of this controversy, local photographer Zen Sutherland sent a before-and-after image to highlight the artists' plight and the contributions they've made over the years - Gentry only: Asheville's credit check barrier Gentrification is the issue of the day, and credit checks were recently highlighted as a factor in closing off affordable housing. In this opinion piece, I criticize the growing use of these checks and how this often-inaccurate measure essentially puts up a "gentry only" sign for much of the city's housing - --- Our photo this week is a great shot of the downtown skyline from Max Cooper. It was our very first image from our first opinion piece, all the way back in June. Thanks again for your support, everyone. This is an amazing city, and it never ceases to surprise me in the best possible way. Best, David Forbes Editor
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