Back from Oklahoma! Not yet back to photos...
Hello wonderful people, I got home from seeing Jack Scoresby in Oklahoma (which I really loved and you should look at my Instagram to see a million selfies from the Sooner state: @katiewest) on Saturday night and haven't really stopped doing things since then. Had a staff meeting today, did school work. The semester starts on Wednesday and I'm not exactly prepared. I haven't had a chance to put the shots I took in OK onto my computer yet, but I'm sure there will be a few I like. And I have stories to tell you too. But unfortunately, they have to wait. I have to be at school tomorrow morning because a student is writing a late exam and then I have an appointment downtown later in the afternoon. Wednesday school starts! Thursday, you know what? I actually can't keep track of everything I need to do this week. TCAF is this weekend though. Anyone in Toronto going? See you there!
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