wanted to give a big shout out to the ladies (and little fella) who came early last night to take part in our first VIP PRE-GAME HANG at 7 Steps Up in Spring Lake, Michigan! it was nice to connect with you all personally before the show and all the more unforgettable by the birthday cake that Patrons Alisa Lemke and Talisa Simpson brought for our friend and fellow Patron, Patty Fields! oh yeah and not to mention: our spirited rendition of "Happy Birthday" lead by none other than Tyler Hilton!! (how cool!!) thanks for taking the time to come early and hang you guys. it means the world! check out the sweet pic! from L to R: Melissa Spitler, Cheryl Grove, Talisa Simpson, Alisa Lemke, me, my man Phoenix (Melissa's son), birthday girl Patty Fields (smiling VERY hard), and Jamie Backlund. you guys are the BEST! remember, if you are a Patron and plan on attending any of the upcoming shows, don't miss out on these pre-game hangs! shoot us an email at [email protected] so we can get you squared away with details! cheers y'all, -TL
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