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Belle of the Ball
Hey Patrons! *** There are some uploading errors on the Patreon site right now, so this may not be previewing properly (AND there are three copies of the same file attached). Sorry about that! You can follow this link to stream the file: *** Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. Turns out the number of things I can do at one time is only nineteen million. I was shooting for nineteen million and one! We just played San Francisco (had a GREAT night), and today we're heading to Eugene (then on to Portland, Seattle, and through the midwest to the east coast). I just learned that some of the east coast shows (notably Boston on 7/18) are about to sell out, so if you're planning to attend them, buy your tickets now! This song is a few years old. We've been playing it at most of the shows on this tour, and lots of people have asked how to get it. In fact, I think I've picked up a few new patrons who are waiting for this one - hi, new patrons! 'Belle of the Ball' can serve as relationship advice for people of all genders, although it's written from the point of view of moi. Suffice it to say: if your sweetheart isn't that sweet on you, you better lose 'em, and quick - man, woman, beast or robot. Enjoy! Cheekily yours, Carsie
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