Beta Level sample report
For non-patrons and Alpha level patrons: here is a sample of the Beta and above activity report for June 19th: The following pages have been updated Added new page SPACEPORTS SPACE STATIONS Expanded the Introduction Added section Space Station Problems Added section Space Station Functions INTERSTELLAR TRADE Slightly expanded the section on Trading TORCHSHIPS Slightly expanded the section Stopping for Nobody with notes on the definintion of "Torchship" ADVANCED DESIGN added new images to Lifeboats ASTROMILITARY Expanded the section Continental Siege Units CONTROL DECK Added introduction and reshuffled the order of the sections ENGINE DECK Added diagrams to Reactor Dampers Added diagrams to Gimbals ENGINE LIST Added video of Medusa LANDING added a couple new images COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS Added new entry "It is a CIC not a Bridge" SUGGESTED READING Added entries for "GunBuster" and "Knights of Sidonia"
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