A Big Free Thankyou Song
A long long time ago on Facebook I asked what cover songs I should learn and record... Everyone had so many ideas and this is one of the songs I picked - Hand On Your Heart, by Kylie Minogue. I ditched the guitar and just sang the whole thing a capella ... and then I was all like 'Oh, I can totally fit other Kylie songs in here!' So here's my 'Hand On Your Heart' Kylie Minogue mash-up... it's better than you think it's going to be, i promise. This is a free post, by the way, to say Thankyou for being here with me. I'm so excited to be starting my Patreon adventures! In other news, I just found out that everything on here is done in USD not AUD. I think most of you guys are from Australia so if this changes things for you PLEASE feel free to edit your pledge - i think one Australian dollar is about $1.15 in US dollars. I emailed the Patreon honchos and they're planning on making other currencies available really soon, so I'll keep you posted on that Until then... songs! I'll be posting a new one of mine soon for you too xoSam

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