Birthrights: A new photography project
Why hello thar! Happy Holidays and New Year, dear patrons. I have returned from Maui (begrudgingly) to Seattle and am getting back into the swing of the art life after 10 luxurious days laying around on beaches and eating lots of buffets. Once I arrived back home, and even somewhat before that, I had a swirl of creative ideas, but the one that's won out is this photography project I came up with just today, called Birthrights. In it, I interview and photograph mothers regarding their first moment of consciousness as a full fledged mother with a baby, exploring the physical and emotional transition therein. Regardless of the fact that for some reason I am compelled to create art about things I've previously disliked (the word Birthright historically pisses me the fuck off, and I don't like kids) I think it's pretty cool and am very excited for my January shoot dates, which happen to start on my mothers birthday. I've already booked by first model - if you like, feel free to help me book some more by sharing the blog link posted here. Take care of you, -nee
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