Brain Fizz, Episode 1
Here are two things: ONE. I have a lot of ideas. (Too many ideas?) At any one point, at least five ideas for games are sloshing around in my mind like dirty spoons at the bottom of a sink full of dishwater. TWO. I figure you lot are interested in my ideas, on account of you paying me up front to write them down in PDF form. So once a week, then, I'll be releasing BRAIN FIZZ which is NOT some sort of horrendous froth that causes insanity but IS a rundown of things that my fevered mind is currently cycling through. One of them might be my next release... but, then again, maybe not. We'll see. - SHADOW WAR (pictured) is what I'm most excited about at present, although that has the capacity to change in seconds if I, say, get a better idea or see a picture of an especially amusing dog. It started out as a remake of Warhammer 40,000 game Dark Heresy, and from there it's... changed. Mostly for copyright reasons. Otherwise it would have to be about the Blinquisition and they'd have to fight Blorks and Bleldar, and no-one needs that. So now you play a council of hated Dark Elves hired by High Elves to keep the peace thanks to the fact that, in their rigid caste system, you can perform horrendous betrayals, murder people and tell lies on their behalf and their honour remains intact. As it stands, it's a covert-ops/inquisition/spy game where you and the rest of the team share Assets, people and things, that can help you in the shadow war against the enemies of the crown. Assets get a stack of playing cards on 'em at the start of every game, and you can use them to make your life easier... or burn the asset to get a major boost in exchange for difficulties down the line. - BLACKTOOTH is a side project and fairly massive in scope, so it's something I'll plug away on over time. It's a D20 game in the style of Dungeons and Dragons, but you play the "evil" races who've been forced into a single landmass thanks to the invading forces of "good." It's still a long way off, but with the right endorsements (and some way to work out how to make players act like Orcs or Goblins without it feeling weird or just being humans with pointy teeth) it could be Kickstarter gold. - BACK IN THE GAME is an expansion kit for ONE LAST JOB, which contains all the rules I didn't stick in the first book - advanced scene creation, campaign play, and tweaking the system to reflect different settings and play experiences. Comes with four special settings (with appropriate rules tweaks) including It's Cold Up North - Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels in a small town on the outskirts of Newcastle - and Out, Patients! - in which you escape from Arkham Sanatorium and save the world. - MONSTER-HUNTING CLUB has been on the back-burner for a while, and it's gone through several revisions to make it half-decent. I've written a full pen-and-paper version, but it's not quite there... so I'm turning it into a make-pretendy LARP, where you run around your house (presumably drunk) wearing a saucepan on your head while the GM describes BIG SCARY MONSTERS for you to beat up. You write your character sheet on your arm. I'm not sure what else to do with it, but there's SOMETHING there, for sure. Plus, I've already got the art, so I need to write a game post-haste. --- That's enough for one week, anyway. If you've got an opinion on what you'd like to see next, shout at me. (On here, don't come round my house, I wouldn't like that.) Tomorrow I hold a running game through the streets of Sydney. I'm a smoker, and I can't run for toffee; here's hoping that natural Howitt charm will see me though. - G
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