Burger Bombs Is So Free
Couple of things became obvious to me while working on this short Burger Bombs story. 1) Snark is not wisdom. 2) A positive message about the meaning of life needs more than three pages in a comic. 3) I do not know what the meaning of life is. What I feel I successfully achieved is undermining the checklist of junk we have to do to survive and succeed in life. Perhaps that's all I'm capable of doing at my age. I enjoy attempting larger topics and challenging myself to articulate tougher subjects though. This is the first full month of the Patreon page. I'm still learning how much I can actually do in a month, finding my limits and laziness. But one thing is clear to me: I love it. It really does help me prioritize my work and voice on a regular basis. It encourages me to do comics only I could/would do. Thank you for your patronage this month. The higher level rewards will go up later this week! Over the next few months, I want to experiment with trying a bit more conversion with y'all here on the page. So, keep a look out for that.
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