Burger Bombs Goes to School
Joseph Campbell suggests that one of the key reasons for myth is that the truths and lessons contained within the myth are so complicated and nuanced, that they cannot be spoken about directly. Burger Bombs is something like that. It's like a secular theodicy. I suppose that if there is a thematic through line between Burger Butts and Burger Bombs, it's the problem of suffering. I hope that in my short time on earth, I've learned something about life, and I'm trying to share it with you. So, dear reader, I ask for you to trust me for the next few pages of Burger Bombs. I'm not being needlessly cruel. In part, I supposed I might be taking a stab at expressing what I feel is left out of this quotation by Kurt Vonnegut from "A Man Without a Country": "But I have to say this in defense of humankind: In no matter what era in history, including the Garden of Eden, everybody just got here. And, except for the Garden of Eden, there were already all these games going on that could make you act crazy, even if you weren't crazy to begin with. Some of the crazymaking games going on today are love and hate, liberalism and conservatism, automobiles and credit cards, golf, and girls' basketball."
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