Celebrating my 400th comic!
Thank you SO MUCH for all your support through the thick and thin! I would have certainly wavered from this herculean task without your help and votes of confidence. New updates have been added to comixxen.com, hit the 'prev' button below the comic on comixxen.com for earlier episodes of LITN. It's not easy to stick with a project of this magnitude for so long, but every appreciation and donation I get inspires me to keep going - as well as the benefits I see unfold in my own life as I observe and document it. You can read them all on http://www.comixxen.com and if you're feeling ambitious, read all 400 from the start at http://www.comixxen.com/comic/now/ and watch me slowwwly grow and shrink over 2 years of my life! I deal with addiction recovery, medication management, anxiety and depression, art, friends and boyfriend and family and food and TV and internet, and trying to still have fun, find meaning, and feel relevant to society while being my late 30s, unemployed, broke, sober, plus size and childless. (great, now I sound like "Cathy") Of course, kind words and readership are always a welcome boost! THANK YOU <3 <3 !!
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