Character Sigils
In the world of Trapezius Pepper, all adults have their own sigil. They are mostly used as an identifying mark on property, correspondence and documents, such as the release papers Trapezius signed in that recent comic page. They have much in common with Japanese "hanko" stamps and the personal seals used in China. Some inspiration also comes from the house sigils used in Game of Thrones and my long-standing fascination with wax seals. I don't actually send many letters but someday I hope to have my own sigil for sealing things with wax. The sigils you see here belong to some of the central characters from the comic. Just like coat of arms heraldry, some are a direct reference to the character's name while others have a deeper or more abstract meaning. I tried to find the right balance of making them unique but still relatively simple in design, since they need to fit in with my fairly simple drawing style. I was going to include the names of the characters with their sigils but decided that might spoil some reveals I'm planning to put into the comic. I'm sure you'll be able to figure some of them out along the way.
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