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Cis Gaze
Hi Pledges! Today's game is not really a game, it's more like a mildly-interactive story poem thing. As many of you are aware, I self-diagnosed myself with The Genders recently, and this month has been a rough time as a result. My brain worms were bad enough that I had a lot of trouble getting work done this month (though the official release of my Shufflecomp game is coming soon) ... so I decided to be a bit self-indulgent and write a game specifically about my experiences. Inspired mainly by getting the stink-eye a block from my house and the #CisGaze hashtag, this twine story is very directly autobiographical and while some things have been glossed over, nothing has been made up. Click the linky thing to 'play'; be advised that this 'game' is not particularly 'fun'.

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