Hello there! As mentioned in my video last week I'm keen to find a better alternative for people to chat about my videos and stuff. Originally I naively hoped that the Patreon page might be a good enough place to host all of that, but the influx of new comments also brought spam (which I've weirdly been unable to easily remove.) While it still remains good enough for getting feedback and chatting with Benefit Spongers, I can appreciate that stuff like the inability to edit posts etc. doesn't make it an ideal place for for people to talk to anyone apart from *me*. SO. I've been thinking about alternatives, and the criteria is pretty simple: It can't be a place I have to moderate myself, but it also can't be a place that would willingly play host to any form of hate speech. At some point it might be worthwhile to create a specific forum, but even if that does end up being the best plan I'd rather be able to take the time to work out exactly how best to do that. So for now, I'm tentatively proposing a moderated subreddit. I'm aware it isn't the perfect solution for a whole bunch of reasons, but I think it might well be the best one available! The rules would be pretty simple - no homophobic, sexist, or racist language. Welcome to thoughts and advice at this stage as I'm not terribly familiar with Reddit (ALRIGHT GRANDAD). Also: If you've any experience/interest in kindly being a moderator, let me know! I think that providing the rules we have for moderation are strict (it really is just a case of removing any bile) then having a whole bunch of mods should probably make it easy. But again, I'm naive. Thoughts? Matt x
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