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Continuum - exclusive interview with the designer!
The Continuum is something that I've been following with great interest. It's an extremely sensitive and accurate digital instrument, designed to be an extension of your fingers really. It's not an on-off synth. The Continuum almost feels like an acoustic instrument, in that it is just as (or in a way more) sensitive as, say.. a chello. All the sounds are designed to respond to your fingertips, continous pressure, pitch and Y-position changes. The sound engine(s) itself is extremely impressive with a powerful Physical Modelling part, and also a beautiful FM implementation. I wish for them to be taken more seriously, and to get into the spotlight so that they could enter mass production at some stage. As of now, it is built and assembled specifically for each order, and thus has a pretty high price tag. You can hear that for a newbie like me it'll take a great deal of practice to get the tune right, and if you don't have proper monitoring it'll be extremely difficult to stay in tune. But when Ed was playing you can hear that with years of practice you'll become the instrument. This is that kind of instrument. An instrument to get attatched to. Cheers! Cuckoo PS. If you like this, and you are in a position to help them get in touch with the right people to make this bigger, please feel free to help them out.
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