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Cooking With Arpakasso! Episode 7: Yule Log
After the Hallowe'en Special we decided that we would like to make Cooking With Arpakasso! a monthly thing, with a new theme for each episode to separate them stylistically. Unfortunately we got very busy in November, with a very full release schedule, so ended up running out of time to produce a new episode, instead holding off for a Christmas Special. We ended up writing and shooting this episode over two days, and editing and uploading it in one, from the 21st-23rd of December, with barely enough time for it to breathe online before Christmas. A lot of the comments on previous episodes make mention of a Senior Arpakasso, possibly as a result of auto-correct as the ñ is too difficult to type (I still have to copy paste that ñ everywhere) or people just simply getting his name wrong. This episode we finally decided to give the people what they want, and introduce a new, potentially recurring character. We hope you enhoy him!
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