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Crankbox Freelance 49 - Meteoric
Last week's videosong is up! I know I said it was going to be patiently angry, but it evolved. Now it's just angry. Share and enjoy! <3 Reed (+Dylan) * * * You bluster at the center of the world You got big loud beautiful dreams You got a way of taking what you want And you always set your aim on someone else it seems You want it, you want it so bad But my aura flares when you look at me And it burns you like the sun til you step away You want it, you want it so bad They got the bruises yeah, I got the hundred yard stare I'm a heavyweight hitter in a folding chair You covet the throne You covet the throne Shouting out your name To the great unknown You covet the crown You covet the crown Am I gonna have to burn you down I got an anger I been stoking like a fire I been charging like a battery for twenty-six years You got the height on me, you got the reach on me But I am bigger than I may appear You want it, you want it so bad I am a yellow glow on the horizon I am a solid gold intention You want it, you want it so bad The determined mastermind who can never lose I have seen what you can offer and I refuse
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