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The Crossroads at Agleythorpe
Nestled on the edge of Lake Mossdown, this quaint hamlet is a sleepy town resting at the junction of three main roads which met at the base of the Treaty Tree. The tree was the location of the signing of a treaty that ended a legendary battle ages ago, yet it still retains its name. At the north end of the hamlet lies the ruins of Barrowit Abbey, home to a long forgotten nunnery that long ago fell into disrepair. Rumors speak of ghostly figures of the nuns that haunt the ruins today, victims of notorious (and much made mythical) raid by orcish barbarians. Across the road from the haunted nunnery lies the Boersman Inn. Run by the uniquely entertaining short fellow named Meete, he is short enough that rumors of him being a dwarf or gnome are commonly heard. He is well known in the area for the telling tales. Nykka, his lovely wife is likelywise known far and wide to be among the best cooks. Remnants of Nykka's cooking can be found in the long, wisp-like hairs of Meete's white goatee. With its economy being primarily agricultural the homes are surrounded with well tended fields and small pens for farming animals. Small huts are scattered about the town for the cultivating of honey. South of town, hidden in the trees, is an ancient mound named Grailwarden Fence. Atop this mound are the remains of a stone circle, a few of the stones have fallen and the area remains desolate and ignored. Little is spoken of the mound, and when spoken of, it is always in hushed tones. None can say for certain the meaning behind the mound's name. Note for new patrons: be sure to click on the image and see the full post, additional images are available at the bottom of the post! Don't miss out on these variations on the original image.
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