Current Serial: Some Things Transcend
My current serial is a reader request: the sequel to Even the Wingless ( (currently available at retailers). Normally I don't serialize sequels, but readers are having so much fun with this one I figured why not? What you need to know: This serial is set in the Paradox universe of the Pelted ( It begins where Even the Wingless left off, resuming the story of Lisinthir Nase Galare, prince, esper, and now former Ambassador to the Chatcaavan Empire of violent shapeshifting dragons. It also brings in two characters from another part of the universe, the xenotherapists Jahir Seni Galare and Vasiht'h; these two were introduced in the novels Mindtouch ( and Mindline ( Because of the adult nature of the novel--nothing on camera, but a lot of frank discussion of violence and sex--I've chosen not to serialize this one on my main site, but rather on Livejournal. You can either follow it there at the Some Things Transcend tag (, or you can use the tag RSS feed ( ).
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