Current Work in Progress + NEW Weekly Streaming
[Public post since it involves some Livestream info!] Current Work in Progress is a print based on the "Black Rock Shooter" anime (not to be confused with the OVA, Game, or however many crazy universes there are for it, haha) featuring all of the primary characters of the "Otherworld," Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Strength, Chariot, and Black Gold Saw. Hoping to finish it by FanimeCon this week. Wanted to give you all a small peek at current progress (though I'm sure you guys know I'm constantly busting my arse on artwork haha.) Super messy and such right now, but you get the idea I suppose! In other news, first milestone goal's been reached! Holy crap! This means I'm going to do weekly livestreams from now on. Because of convention season, I'll be gone most weekends, so I'm likely going to stream on Tuesdays around 5 or 6 PST- will keep you all posted. Might not stream this week since it's short notice and I'm in the midst of panic mode trying to get everything ready for FanimeCon in a couple of days, but I'll try! Thanks, everyone! <3
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