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Dangerous Hatred: Men who foment misogyny in geekdom [TW][LONG]
Hello, folks. I apologize again for the confusion this may have caused for those of you who have RSS subscriptions. I was very anxious about publishing this and wanted to make sure that I got some people to help me vet the content before making it public. Having never tried doing something like that on Wordpress, I didn't realize that it would still get published as a public post. Whoops. My bad. Also, I promise I wasn't sitting on this until the new month rolled over. At nearly 3,000 words this was a doozy to write, and I did many, many revisions to make sure I got it right. I was trying really hard to get it up on Friday - I would have preferred this to be closer to the Isla Vista shootings, but it was important that I didn't rush something out. Thanks for your support.
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