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*July Update* Hello Patrons! Especially everyone new in the last month. Once again thank you so much for your support! While the money is great, the best thing your encouragement does is make me hopefully I'm on the right lines and that I can succeed in making the site a really useful resources that people will use for years to come. What's new this month? * I've just rolled out a load of changes to the backend software of the site. When you are logged in you will now have far greater access to your learning data and see your progress. Exercises are now not getting stuck and you can "master" them by getting 10 answers correct in a row. * I made a start on a ear training course helping students to recognize intervals, a really good step on the way to developing a good musical ear - check it out here - http://www.daveconservatoire.org/topic/recognizing-intervals-1 * In addition to more films on musical form - I also experiemented with a documentary short film featuring an ingenious instrument maker who is creating new and wonderful instruments from what he finds. Please do take a look - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOIdK1qIRhg Looking forward to the next month and thanks again! Dave
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