December Rehearsed Battles
Obsessive hate compulsive out mine lashed epidermis fields, Haemorrhaging conscience like a heathen's twilight hour of addiction relapse search for grace, In between worlds, Where karma's unpronounceable befuddlement rules of reincarnation are code born via green over mechanical black parasite screen text arguing with our sleep conscious walking sedation day by algorithmic day context lethargy sickness! Endeavouring to reset the fail encrypted safe genesis evolution architect's broken equality covenant; A seemingly unqualified God pathetic nearly one lost off Buddha regeneration psalm event, A f(r)iend nurtured cipher li(f)e inherited by all the heritage casually drowning fish who gave matrix birth to us: The austerity black equinox hearted sheep of a carpe diem cursed selves experiment! as conviction's atonement flows across the compelling exceptions of unfocused drive to commit inaction as benediction in reverse, A creeping scorched blitzkrieg earth syndrome of our falling sandcastle, A war only fit for Christmas, An endless December recital of dignity's lost imprint nature bound or instilled from the interstellar above! A no liable ghost clasped in a searing iron carapace clad phantom shell, Wherein the Mother of All Gods lies, Her infinite malady sleep cloud spell pillow cast dreams are stained with requiem memory ache tears of a false sin diagnosis, Where children of a hive shared newspeak mind pretend we've dread greyed naught out every eclipsed line of our neo-free moral trench derelict capacity to authentically will ourselves to lift a faithful finger towards one a-spited-nother. In earnest anticipation of,
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