I have a paper toy series titled "MLIBTY". I started it in 2009. and bigger part of the paper toys are available for free download. You can check it out here: http://markozubak.com/mlibty Here is the still from the video "No place for paper toys" and this paper toy is from of mentioned series, but it's not released yet (at least in this form, see "Detainee 05"). If this blog starts functioning for real, I'll make the second run of "Detainees" and put them for free download. The second run will show detainees prior to their detention. That's not all! See the wall ruins with some art on it? This are the rests of one of my characters called "Bugbot" and this detail refers to one of my previous stop-motion animations called "St. Bugbot" (you can see it here: https://vimeo.com/28679678). If you want to see more Bugbots, check this link: http://markozubak.com/bugbots.
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