E3 Abridged Coming Soon!
So YES, it's happening. For those of you who cba keeping up with the update videos, E3 Abridged is happening on my channel - which means the usual deal: No ads, sponsors, guff, etc. (Hopefully copyright claims won't be a problem - but if they are, you might see adverts appear on the vid. Honestly though, they won't be mine - SCOUT'S HONOUR.) BUT YES, here's a cheeky teaser, mainly made because I got fed up of replying to tons of people asking me if I was doing it again this year. :D I'll definitely be doing one for Microsoft and Sony, and then I'll see how I feel after doing those! Expect the MS Abridged video tomorrow afternoon at the latest, I'd say. Have a good day, and I'll SEE YOU SOON.
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