Early Eth's Skin - page 17
Hello- happy Saturday! Here's another early Eth's Skin update. From the very beginning Eth's Skin was intended to be a giant love letter to the west coast of British Columbia, where I was born and where I grew up/spent most of my life. I wanted to tick as many cliche "west coast" tropes as I could, and orcas are such a huge part of British Columbian aesthetic. "Killer whale" would be considered a slur term in the townships and the beachwalker communities of Eth's Skin- even now in BC I know there are a lot of people making a concentrated effort to shift towards referring to them exclusively as orcas. Amin's pod doesn't do much in the first chapter of the story, but it was important to have them drift by, and I can't wait to properly establish them a little later on in the story.
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