Edited Reward Levels
Hi everyone! Thank you so much for becoming an esteemed patron of my art. I really think you are amazing and it is so affirming to have people enjoy what I do enough to want to support it. I'm not gonna lie--doing this 365 is HARD. Sometimes it feels like a whole other job on top of my regular job. I have to admit though, I usually enjoy it more than my regular job. I just wish I had more time to work on the things I want to create. For instance, I have been shooting video during almost every 365 shoot but haven't had any time to sit down and make cool shit out of it. But this leads me to my next thought: why did I make the reward level that gets to see the videos I make at $20 a month? I've lowered in to $8 a month so more people can have access to these videos. I'll probably post the odd one to Tumblr, but they will be almost entirely exclusive to Patrons. If you've pledged an amount lower than $8, you can change it at any time to gain access to these videos. Thanks!
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