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Episode 7 - James Boyd, #OpAlbuquerque and The DOJ: From Spark to Inferno
This week's episode featured the most produced montage at the beginning to date. I drew from political discussions, popular music, news reports, and 911 calls to illustrate the history and current dilemma of police violence faced by the citizens of Albuquerque. Among the clips that compose the opening, I made the effort to find media that was relevant to the show's guests. A local tv news interview of guest Michael Allen whose brother Vincent Wood was killed in 2013, and a 911 call from the girlfriend of the brother of Alan Gomez, his father, Mike, was a guest as well. Shout out to activist and truly dedicated citizen, Charles Grapski, without whom this episode would have never come to fruition. He made arrangements to get the guests and callers that made this such a well rounded and poignant piece of social commentary on this most pressing topic, not just for the city of Albuquerque, but for our society as a whole.. Thanks Charlie.
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