Friends, I've been quiet for awhile as I've been traveling in the homeland for many weeks -- California, New York, Washington, Oregon, Black Rock City, Nevada... Now once again I am ensconced in the glass canyons of Tokyo, one bearded folkie sailing in a sea of black-suited salarymen. I had an ecstatic time performing all my new material at Burning Man a couple of weeks ago. It had been so long since I'd played a live show; it reminded me how important that is to me. Playing on stage is one of the few ways I am totally liberated into life. Also, hearing the response people have on first listen is a precious gift, mirroring back to me what exactly this music is doing in the world. I always appreciate hearing about your experience of the music and what it means to you. You'll be hearing more from me soon. New songs recorded in a Tokyo studio over the Summer, and videos to go with them. Stay tuned. love, D
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