Exclusive Soulsong Snippet
Hey everyone! Here's a (very, very) early look at one of the songs you'll likely see on the channel in the next few months. http://youtu.be/7zIYFGLbkfs I really have to emphasise that it's a very early product, open to change. The artist didn't make it with sharing in mind - it exists for me to get an idea of tone and voice for the piece. That said, it makes me really excited for the future. I have a few artists who are fully on-board now, and they're all very talented people.. I'm currently putting a lot of effort into conveying the themes & ideas within Dark Souls, and i'm confident we'll get a song that truly reflects the tone of the game. My overall goal is to have really professional content surrounding the title, which is something you don't see in many gaming spheres. It starts here, and we're on our way! It's all thanks to you guys here on Patreon. I just thought it would be a neat thing to share with you guys. Hopefully sharing these snippets will become a weekly reward for all of you! That said, i'm not going to stop anyone from sharing that link around in the community. This singer/songwriter is named Ash. All the best, -Vaati

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