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The Fate Codex - Vol 1, Issue 3
Oh, yeah! We hit $1,250 AND Issue 3 is ready to hit the streets! It's a big night for The Fate Codex. Just a few minutes ago we hit our $1,250 milestone, which means that we're going to be launching a Systems Resource Document! We'll start with Issue 1 this month, adding new mechanics to the SRD each time we release a new issue, i.e. we'll add Issue 2 when we release Issue 4. Woot! The SRD will make it much easier for folks to use the mechanics and ideas presented in the Codex. It also means that you'll have instant access to specific mechanics that you're looking for during the middle of a game or when you're working on your own text. Very exciting! But enough about the future! Let's get on with the present... drumroll, please: We're proud to present the third issue of the Fate Codex, featuring John Adamus, June Shores, and Christopher Ruthenbeck. We're putting the finishing touches on the PDF now, so look for it to hit your inboxes sometime late tonight/early tomorrow. But we've got a July issue and we're back! As always, we'd love to hear your feedback, comments, and questions. We've been engaged a bit more on social media lately, so here's where you can find us if you'd like to tell us how we're doing: Facebook: Twitter: G+: Thank you again for all your support and care. It's been an honor to be a part of this, and I'm really looking forward to our August and September issues, featuring some really interesting Quick Starts, Fiction, Essays, and Systems pieces! I can't wait to show you all the Fate! EDIT: Some folks are a little confused about how to get this month's issue. We'll be delivering it straight to your inbox via email. If you don't get a copy by midnight tonight, message us!
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