First Milestone Met/First Weekly Video!
And my first milestone, a lofty $1 per month, has been met! By one person. It is likely that the only one reading this is, in fact, that very person. Hello, Shel Hollingsworth! For future patrons looking at this message, I advise you encourage Shel's generosity by reading his work, and throwing money at him if you enjoy it: I am sure he is a great guy, by which I mean, I am sure that you, Shel, are a great guy. You are likely to be my only patron, forever, as it's not likely anyone will ever throw money at me again. Hell, getting any money was astronomically unlikely to begin with. Now I have to write 10,000 words over the next 20 days. I guess I'll write the last part of The Cool War, then; I wasn't intending to finish it until early next month, but now my hand has been forced. Shel, you are getting an astonishing deal on this money to word ratio. One dollar for 10,000 words... that's 0.01 cents per word. That is a truly, truly outrageous rate. Not to mention my weekly videos, which are likely the real reason you are throwing money at me. I wish that I could continue supplying words to you at this outrageously good price. Sadly, there are only so many hours in the day for me to sit at a computer, tapping at the keys in a desperate bid to impart meaning to my life. I guess I may as well link to the first bit of content you're getting; one of the original Windows 7 adverts. New videos will go live every Saturday, so look forward to them... or, as is much more likely, stare at them, confused why you are paying me money for this utter garbage. Best Regards, Randomini
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