Fixed illustration Rough Draft
Their clothes and hair aren't drawn in yet but I at least wanted to show you a cleaned up version of the new illustration layout, I wanted some sort of action to be going on in the background and for the image to sort of make you want to know what's going on. I'm really excited to finish this up, I'm thinking about using some red, black, yellow or white for his outfit, for the girl I'm still debating on what I exactly want to do for her clothes since she came from the present and traveled to the past in a different dimension. I already decided to have her hair be kinky, coily and some really cute and funny ideas are already swimming in my head <3 I decided to turn it into a little gif image so hopefully it works but if not then I'll just go ahead and explain what's going on ^^; I wanted to draw the illustration were she is running from some monsters and stumbles upon an area that is sealed off and the monsters aren't able to get past the seal but luckily she is, or so she thought, when she finally rest she sees the man who has a seal on his chest and a spike through his stomach that's pinning him to the rocks he is laying against. Around him are scattered human bones and he's unfazed by the monsters that are trying to break in. She ask for his help but he says that he is bound to this stone and she says that maybe she can help free him and he tells her that he's bound for a reason and ask if she is that ignorant to break a seal for fear that her life is at stake? and she tells him she's doesn't know what to do and is scared and he ask would she be willing to risk the possibility of death by his hands the moment she moves closer to remove the seal or death by the monsters breaking through the barrier and she tells him even if death is at the end of each choice there is still a possibility of life if she choose him so she'd rather try to save her life instead of give up and throw her life away to those creatures. I kind of wanted a sort of Sesshomaru kind of feel to the bound man and decided to put a little twist behind the seal that's binding him. What he hasn't told her was that whoever breaks the seal he becomes indebted to and is bound to them until is debt is fulfilled. Of course the rumor about his power and might and whispers about the seal had drifted across the land so there have been others who have tried to break the seal and use his power as their own but they didn't expect him to fight back and kill them before they could force him into servitude when they break the seal, that is why there are dried up human bones scattered around him. Only humans can go past the barrier and break the seal but he will pick which human he will let break the seal. Many years have already past and he's willing to stay there many more instead of being forced to server someone unworthy of his help. Would you all be interested in this actually being the new secret comic story to release instead? I was thinking about releasing my Curly comic on Taptastic so that everyone could read it for free still and since the more traffic that I get on my taptastic page and the more frequent updates that I do, this will help me bring in some revenue also so their won't be any worry about it staying with a more frequent update schedule. I'll keep thinking about that and see what you all say and then I can give you all an update later on <3
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