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The Four Dead Ponies
This small pub sits in the middle of a crossroads in the small village of Grimstad. Once a mere barn that sat near the road, the barn was converted by an enterprising former clergyman. After spending years watching others enjoy life while he struggled to show the One God his humility and reverence, he opted to change his ways. After robbing the small church he made his way to what would later become Grimstad and won the barn in a game of dice. In a moment of craziness he was determined to turn the barn into his future. Spending the remaining gold, he converted barn into a pub on the first floor. After a year of operation, he was able to rather poorly convert the upstairs into four private rooms which can be rented out for a modest fee of 1gp. The menu at the Four Dead Ponies is somewhat limited. All items are either grown locally or pulled from the sea. A typical meal consists of Sheperd's Pie, Buttered Potatoes, Crackers or Bread and boiled vegetables. It is not exceptionally tasteful but generous in proportion considering the fee of just 1gp. Drinks that may be purchased are a stout lager called Burtgut and a mild drink, a local favorite called Honey-Butter Beer. Each can be purchased for a half coin.
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