FT Memory Mix, Ep. 1: Radiant Silvergun - Return
I'm starting a series where I'll be trying to recreate some random tunes from memory on a live stream and uploading the results. I picked far too ambitious of a track to start with, I fear, but I had it stuck in my head, so here we are. The original track can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCp8qw2ztJQ Although I forgot that the majority of the song existed, a lot of the result is fairly close. I completely forgot what the chords in the final section are, but I came up with something that sounds okay anyway. I really like making three-note voicings and putting the triangle lead in the middle; it gives the chord a really unique and punchy texture and it's kind of a nice change from the triangle being used only for bass. I'll be doing my streams at twitch.tv/honinmyoaudio and I'm working on finding a time when I can do them regularly. Thanks, and enjoy listening!
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