The Future of Monster's Garden (x-posted from Tumblr)
Over this weekend, the main computer holding all of MG’s original page files had an unexpected harddrive reformatting. And in addition to this, the back-up harddrive did not actually back-up the folders that contained these files either. As a result, everything from all chapters are gone. The only thing that was recovered were files containing original scripts and outlines. It goes without saying that Monster’s Garden will not be going into print at anytime in the near future and will have to exist solely as a digital webcomic. As someone who wanted to see my comics in print, it’s a particularly heartbreaking situation, but as much as I feel like I could make the old pages better if I redid them, it does me no good creatively to be stuck on a single project. There are other stories to tell, and perhaps those stories will get to be fully realized in print format. I will be editing the Patreon’s goals to reflect the new circumstances. The reformatting also lost a Patreon reward, so I will be upgrading that due to the delay. As far as the comic updates, Monster’s Garden will be in hiatus over the summer, with RIMPAC right around the corner. If it is possible to bring them back in August, I will do so, but for now, late September/October is a safer bet on MG’s return. I appreciate your patience and understanding
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