Halo 5's Multiplayer Focus - News!
Yesterday's video up! Some weak but fun stuff about Halo 5. A text version of the video is below. -- This past week, we've got news on 343's progress with multiplayer, two new gamemodes that 343 is taking into account, and more. Recently Microsoft's President Phil Specer has been a bit talktive on Twitter. As we aware, and as Specer said "Last year’s halo piece was a concept around MC’s journey." Perhaps the whole trailer was a metaphor for the whole plot. He then mentioend last week, that Multiplayer is a big focus. He stated "All I can say is 343i is making great progress with MP a big focus right now." Another great fact is that Frankie played the multiplayer a few months ago, so at this point it's playable, lets hope for that beta. Fans also confronted him about two modes that are right now a rumor, called Arena, and Battlefield. The details of these modes include big maps, and 64 players with vehicles. Spencer said "Some good ideas there, I’m writing them down…" More recently, it was admittedd the Xbox team needs to improve installtion times on the Xbox One. "We want unique and quality games, preferably genres 3rd parties aren’t doing as no reason for us to compete with them." Unfortunatally that's all we have, however it was of course confirmed that E3 will have Halo news, and that also already well speculated on as a Halo news goldmine event. To speculate on the matter, we've got a piece of Concept art, and Spencer has been quite talktive, and with the ILoveBees.com site popping up as previously discussed, it sure looks like news will arrive soon. Perhaps we'll get a teaser before E3 as an apatizer to hold us through.
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