Happy New Everything!
Just thought to drop a line to wish all my supporters a happy new 2014. I've also updated the unPlayable Games website with a flashy new domain, so you can spam it better: unplayablegames.tk (the www is optional) And since you are so pressingly asking for it, I've added a new project to the OTHERS page, also revamping a little the other entries. Finally, as a treat of the materials to come, I present you the text from a card in the Dreamwake World Deck... ... .. . Name : The House at the Word’s End Type : PLACES / Ephemerae Text : Emerging from the endless forest of the Sea of Mist you find yourself in an open space. Behind you are the woods, in front of you there is a grassy cliff with a nice two-stories cabin house and beyond it is... nothing. Literally, it is like the world ends here. They say the house is a repository of lost memories. They say its heart can burn away your fears if you also burn something dear to kindle its flames. They say a child lives there, and that he knows. ... .. .
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