Hard Hearted Hannah!
Howdy, Patrons! I haven't been posting as frequently as once upon a time, and for that, I apologize! Some part of me has always had an irrational belief in my ability to do projects while I tour. Turns out, touring is insane and does not allow for extracurricular activities. I'm back home now after 6 weeks on the road, but I got sick within 24 hours of arrival (typical). Fingers crossed my voice comes back before I board the looooong flight to Australia (leaving Monday)! Luckily, I have a few tracks up my sleeve for you to enjoy in the interim. If you were a Kickstarter backer of the new album at the $100+ level, you've already heard this one. In my opinion, it's the gem of the unreleased "secret songs". Hard-Hearted Hannah was written in 1924 by Jack Yellen, Bob Bigelow and Charles Bates. The song has been oft-performed by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, and Peggy Lee. What I love about the lyric is that it describes a female character we don't often come across in American pop: a true, unadulterated femme fatale. Like the murderesses in 'Chicago', Hannah is not in it for love or for money - she gets off on the pure, sadistic pleasure of making men miserable. Look out for such lyrical gems as "Talk about your cold, refrigerated mamas/ brother, she's the polar bear's pajamas." Wish me luck in Oz! Those of you who are postcard pledgers can look forward to next month's card - it'll sport a bona fide Australian postmark. (If the rest of you want in on that action, you can up your pledge amount to $5 or more). Love and wallabies, Carsie
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