Helllooooo Patreon homies!
Hey guys! Guess who just figured out how to post on his activity feed? *facepalm* In the spirit of ceremony, welcome as the very first members of the Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club Patreon campaign! Being that each of you are among the first 50, I want you to know how much that means to me as I dive into these uncharted waters. Many of you on here have been around from the start of KK and have supported the band and I from the beginning. As an artist always trying to navigate the changing tides of how stay fun and creative, I take it as a huge compliment and value your trust in what KK is all about. People have asked me many times over the years why we hadn't yet done a Kickstarter for new albums, etc, and my answer was always that it didn't feel right with the band and our fans interact. KK has never been about "one big project" but more of an on-going conversation between the fans and the music online, at the convention table, and at shows. Patreon is the first service that felt right and a way we could continue that conversation with on-going music directly to you guys as it happens in my home studio, and before the songs you receive make it (or not!) on the next album. A truth in being a 100% independent artist is that it takes a lot of resources to keep going with studio time, touring, convention appearances, and music videos; stuff that I love to do, would like to do more of, and things that over the years you have yelled from the nerd-rock mountaintops that you want more of too! By being a member of our Patreon campaign you are becoming an integral part of making that happen and am honored to keep creating more nerd-music goodness coming your way. This activity feed is our place for KK Patreon members to chat, talk about awesome new stuff we're into, hear your feedback on songs, and get to know each other better. Got a question? Fire away! I've been working on this next chapter of KK for the past 6-months and I'm very thankful you guys are psyched too! The first song will be delivered to you next week, and the meantime, please let your friends know about what we've got going on because we'd love for everyone to be in from the beginning so no Krackleheads miss out! A hint for next week's song? I've been running and jumping off of walls a lot lately... Kyle
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