Hi everyone, just thought I'd share some of my past projects with you all: I should preface these by saying they were all made between 12 - 48 hours Smashtar: http://www.shaneobrien.ie/prog/smashtar/ Cargo Shift: http://www.shaneobrien.ie/prog/gravity/ My First foray into CSharp with Unity: http://www.shaneobrien.ie/prog/csharp/ Tell Tale Trials: http://www.shaneobrien.ie/gamejams/ggj13/ Blossom Bee: http://www.shaneobrien.ie/gamejams/belfastgamecraft/ Fish Puncher: http://www.shaneobrien.ie/gamejams/iamagamer2013/ The Life Galactic (Download): http://www.shaneobrien.ie/gamejams/gamecraft3/lifegalactic.zip
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