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New game! New GAMES! 4 new games, right here, right now, for your viewing pleasure. The file is attached on the upper right, there. Download it, and take a look. The four games are: - WIZARD BATTLE HATS - rewritten from the preview text, this game is now not only about wearing as many hats as possible, but also stacking dice under ridiculous time pressure - THICKER THAN WATER - a card game about traitorous criminal vampires based on Indian Poker - THE CULT OF OSIRIS - a pulp magic game where players must wrap themselves in toilet paper to heal their wounds - DOCTOR MAGNETHANDS' GRAND CARDVALCADE - the sequel to the original DOCTOR MAGNETHANDS that rummages through your other games like a drunk through your liquor cabinet Also, an update, and an apology: Some of you might be expecting paper copies of the game - 10 of you, in fact. Today I printed off the files for Homecoming, along with the files for Havoc Brigade released last month, and stuck everything into envelopes and walked down to the Post Office and... ... and it turns out that there was a price hike on postage in March, and it would cost around $400 to send them to you. $40 a package. Unfortunately, that means I can't afford to send them out by that method. So I'm looking into alternative options - maybe using local print-on-demand, or alternative paper quality, or muscular carrier pigeons, or... something. Rest assured, by the end of the month, you will either: a) Have your books, all safe and sound, or b) Have a refund of your pledge, in full. I'm really sorry to let the ten of you who pledged for paper copies down like this; it turns out that $15 a pop, or $30 even, isn't enough to cover my costs of printing and shipping as things currently stand. For the time being, please enjoy the games, and I'll be in touch soon. For those of you who pledged $10 or more to get the CRUISE-CONTROL PATREON-ONLY edition, a jam-packed .RAR file will be on its way to you shortly. - G
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