The Hypocrisy of Modern Christianity
Latest YouTube upload: a classic, disturbing, yet touching interview you will never forget. American Christianity has continually distanced itself from the original teachings early Christendom. It has become a den of materialistic thieves; apocalyptic scaremongers exploiting mass media; political predators in sleek suits; a nest of hypocritical vipers; and an undercurrent of subtle bigotry and racism. On the other hand, many Protestant churches have absorbed the tenets of New Age, offering quick-fix theology, fridge-magnet spirituality, and instant salvation to the highest donors in plush mega-churches. What happened to the poor, the downtrodden, and the needy in spirit? A new, semi-autobiographical book showcases not only these problems but even darker ones lying underneath the belly of American Christianity. It also reveals the author's decades as a Baptist seminarian; and the horrors he experienced for simply attempting to follow the kernel teachings of Christ. He offers solutions--that beyond metaphor, allegory, and charity--include how the Power of Myth can literally transform Jewish and Christian writings into tools for spiritual evolution and a virtuous life, especially when correlated to other mythologies. A very sobering, disturbing and ultimately redeeming show that points to the Divine Spark hidden deep within American Christianity. Astral guest-- Keith Nicholson, author of A Rebuke of the Christian Church and Above Below Within: Planetary Magick and the Greek Gods.

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