Hay gurl hayyy. So I've decided to give this whole Patreon thing a whirl. I've never really done anything like this before, and since Patreon is a service that isn't really used in my social circle it might be your first time visiting this site! Whoa!! Let's carefully enter this scary new world together. For those of you who don't already know me, my name is EMiSpicer and I produce work creatively under the alias Ugly Machine. Presently I'm best known for my work as a concert and video game journalistic photographer, but in the past I've worked with other mediums as well. I work freelance (as in, I'm available for hire!) and usually support myself with a day job, though I'm presently unemployed and focusing solely on my photography. Thanks to the newfound ownership of my time due to the lack of gainful employment, I've been able to accomplish all kinds of things I've wanted to for years. I made a portfolio for my work (http://emi.spicer.io)! I made up to date business cards that I can give out when I meet new folks! I'm working on a nice blog where I can showcase my thoughts and projects! I've tackled my photography backlog and now publish my work in a timely fashion! I've also worked on cool projects like being the official photographer of Jonathan Mann's Mario Opera, shooting SEIBEI's 2013 Look Book, doing behind the scenes photos for an upcoming Many Hearts music video, and covering a music festival for the independent blog Falsebit! It's been really great, but I don't want to stop there. For a long time I've struggled with finding the confidence to ask for money for what I do. I think that's pretty common for creative types! As the internet grows and changes, more and more tools have become available to help hard-working creators get a little back from those who enjoy what they do. Bandcamp is really at the forefront for that, and shops like Etsy help facilitate other kinds of creators to sell their work. I feel like Patreon really brings together all the elements of what I'm trying to do. I like how its format is somewhere between never-ending Kickstarter, has a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp kind of vibe, but also gives you an ability to kind of function as a store. So I thought it might be nice to experiment with something new while I have the chance! Working as a staff photographer has been great as it's given me a way to showcase my electronic culture coverage, particularly with chiptune music events. But I've been struggling to find a way to give my non-chip work that same kind of platform. That's where Patreon comes in! I'm going to start publishing photography here that probably wouldn't otherwise end up anywhere else, and in the same timely manner that my published work appears. This will dramatically change my workflow, and mean that I'll be releasing work quicker than months later when the full set finally ends up on my Flickr. In return, I might make a little bit back of what I end up spending on tickets, equipment, and transportation. I'm pretty excited! I'm also going to experiment with varying types of rewards, which for now means prints exclusive to Patreon users, hurray! I'm really excited. I hope you're excited too! I hope we can all support each other in our own ways! Welcome to Ugly Machine on Patreon.
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