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As you may or may not notice, I have been gone from most of the internet. This being because my computer died, and not in the kindest of ways. Long story short, had to buy replacement parts, and reinstall windows and every program. Good news is that I didn't lose any of my art or writing files, bad news is I'm still working on reinstalling and getting everything back into working order. Where upon we come across my current big problem... I've unfortunately run into some technical difficulties on my end, I am having trouble obtaining Photoshop, the program I use to colour my images. Clearly, as a result I cannot colour my comic pages. Now, before anyone PM's with the links for where I can 'you know what' the program for free. I actually do not wish to get my programs through these methods. I believe that if I am asking people to pay me for my art (whether it be by commissions, patreon or through InkBlazer) I can damn well invest in the programs I use to complete these tasks. I know that there are other free - cheep programs that I can use, and yes, when I've been in the position where I cannot use photoshop I HAVE used them. It's just that for me they are more frustrating and tedious than they are help, because I don't know how to use them as well as I do photoshop, and things that would take me a small amount of time to do in photoshop, end up taking me hours upon hours to do in one of those programs (if I can end up doing it at all) Using another program would not only be counter productive, but a waste of my time. For those wondering exactly what the issue is, I seem to have lost my CS4 disk/key. It was not with the other program CD's when I was gathering up my stuff to re-install, I panicked for a bit because I thought my mom may have thrown it out thinking it was just an out of date driver (to be fair she thought she might have too, because she had thrown a lot of those out). After thinking about it though I realized that because it was such an expensive program, that I put it in a 'special place' to make sure it would not get damaged or lost... and then completely forgot where that 'special place' was over the years... So basically, until I finally find that key (or find a way to hook myself up with Adobe's CC service) my colour pages and pieces will be on hold. Fortunately, I can still do pages in black and white, so I will temporarily be releasing comic pages in B&W until I have this whole photoshop issue fixed. (for those that read Raven Wolf outside of Inkblazers, depending of course on how long this takes you may not even notice, since Inkblazers is currently several pages ahead of other websites I release the comic on)
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