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Hello guys! I got several things to say on this one. 1- We hit the second milestone! This means that Tina of the South should be updating weekly from now on. Been talking a bit to G30FF and we think we can start on May if everything goes right. 2- I just finished the sketches for the tiers of patrons in March. I just want to to let you guys now that the patrons in the 8 and 20 dollar tier can send me a note or email regarding what they want for their April sketch. 3- Also, take your time and suggest the subject of the character for April's wallpaper. As you know, the one from March was Lucy. The wallpaper is still under progress but it should be delivered quite soon. Thanks a lot for the support guys! It means a lot to me. Edit: I forgot to mention that this week's update for The Eye of Ramalach is going to arrive a bit late. I practically lost a week's worth of work these past few days since my video card got busted. I do have alternative ways of working while i wait for the new parts to arrive though. I will just be a bit slower.
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