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inhuman pg 537
GREY NO DONT STAB THE WINDOW you dont know if you'll get that knife back this page went through a lot of changes. originally there was a lot more of a dialogue between grey and the room, and i'd also had him moving around the room too. like walking to the counter, and stabbing the counter instead of the window. but i realized it was going to be a really difficult (and kinda pointless) to have him cross a room while maintaining a dialogue with the AI, and honestly what looked better - showing his full body as he stabbed a window and then leaned against it looking defeated? or just half his body as he damaged a countertop? also i guess this is the first time akia's nationality has ever been announced, but yeah, his mother is irish and his father is...akia senior, obviously. NOT LIKE IT MATTERS just you know THERE IT IS in case anyone cared hahahaha i also originally had grey argueing with the room about what he would be addressed as (since the room knows kyo's name but does it know his? prolly not) but i decided that was ultimately pointless too. i'll upload the junked and final page thumbnails and the script drafts in a little bit, but for now enjoy grey coping miserably with the knowledge he will have to face off with perhaps the first person and only person who both understood and showed sympathy to the experiences he's had.
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