Introverted Army--very nearly done
Okay, I think I'm almost there. There's still a couple of awkward bits, but here's the nearly completed song. SPOILER ALERT: don't read on if you want to hear the "jokes" for the first time once I've recorded it. THE INTROVERTED ARMY Did you hear that? Probably not It was an introvert having a thought Might wonder why nothing came out Well, an introvert can have a thought without moving his mouth But the world’s run by people Who judge the value of a thought by its strength in decibels So in the quiet we ruminate But soon the introverted army just might retaliate CHORUS The introverted army, no chants, cheers or drumming We’re going to take the world ‘cause they’ll never hear us coming The introverted army, marching at our own pace Alone or in small groups minding our personal space Yes we have suffered, barely survived Having to do team building exercises Or dragged to parties then left alone To spend the evening in the bathroom looking at our phones So now in basements and in backyards The introverts are thinking hard Soon we shall act, but not quite yet We need a little longer to ponder and reflect CHORUS BRIDGE They’ll be no more small talk or office Christmas parties No one will interrupt us while we’re busy with our hobbies So join me quietly, but first of all Think it through in your journal Know what? Forget it—it’d just be a pain If we ruled we’d have to listen to everyone complain CHORUS
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